Moonlight Kisses the Sea

Moonlight Kisses the Sea

In 1983, a young Virginian woman traveled to Cozumel to dive the pristine coral reefs off its shores; a young Mayan man was working diligently at her hotel, the El Presidente, auditing the books, and their history is a romantic story that seems to have no end. He spoke few words of English, she no Spanish, and it was love at first sight.

Before she knew it, she was off to Mexico City, her toes barely touching the gorgeous turquoise sea, and her Mayan treasure was there at the airport, waiting for her!  Their romance continued atop the magnificent Aztec pyramids through the French wine valleys and beyond. And now, it has brought them back to their Caribbean paradise and Ajua.

This is the essence of Brenda and Jorge Alfaro’s story, which continues nightly in AJUA’s beautiful starlit garden under the Caribbean sky. We hope you enjoy the romance of Ajua, which began with their acquisition in 2001 and continues to evolve daily.

Jorge and Brenda’s Mayan promise to you is a night to savor – with enticing flavors, entertaining waiters, sensual Latin music, fantastic tropical drinks, cold beer, the best Chef and Sou Chefs in Playa, and their commitment to the highest quality of fresh seafood, steaks, and ingredients available. 

Could you ask for more?

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